Can Popular Games Teach Life Lessons?

Yes! I Believe so, some popular games can teach valuable life lessons, however not all of them do. For example: The Fallout franchise has drugs available that can give a tremendous boost, but they put a lot of focus on addiction, while the chems (drugs) give amazing boosts, the give very terrible negative effects if you get addicted, it’s barely worth it to take chems in the Fallout franchise.

Because of Minecraft I know what granite, diorite, sandstone and quartz is. Also, people seem to gain more Architectural skills the longer they play (Grian has been playing for years, and now he builds amazing things).

Stardew Valley has about 30 unique rocks and minerals from real life, and plants that I never knew existed (amaranth) my knowledge of fish has tripled due to some fish only being available in one season in one place and in one type of weather.

In my not so professional opinion games can teach life lessons, just do some research before you play a game or give it to your child, not all give “good” life lessons (GTA).

Jesus: God or Prophet? Does it matter?

Yes, It does matter. Otherwise it means that Jesus lied, and if Jesus lied that means he was sinful, and if Jesus was sinful that means the Bible is false because the Bible says that Jesus was without sin on more than one occasion. And if the Bible was false that means hundreds of great figures in history based their lives on a lie.

If Jesus was a prophet that means he was just another guy, like all the other prophets before him. It also means that thousands of churches around the world preach that the Messiah was here before he even arrived. Do you think God would allow such a “mistake” to happen?

If so, we are still waiting for the Messiah to appear, and what do you think the Messiah would say or do differently than Jesus, not much. So it’s entirely logical to assume that Jesus could have been the Messiah, also he fulfilled every prophesy that was written at least 400 years before he arrived.


Just let them have fun

While I’m on the topic of ranting and raving about the behaviour of some people these days I will write about the priorities of some kids. I am not going to mention any names or places in this blog.

One of the extracurricular classes I attend is very strict on rules, but there is one rule most of my classmates don’t seem to care about, be quiet. While we are waiting outside we are supposed to be quiet so that the people inside can concentrate on their work. But since this is 2019, where no one knows how to follow rules, and since I am the oldest and most experienced person who cares about the rules it’s my job to keep the others quiet.

I was trying my best for at least 6 months when one day I started getting a reputation, whenever I arrive people get quiet (they used to get very irritated whenever I stood in between their game until they were quiet). But one day while I was doing my shushing rounds, this guy comes up to me and says “just let them have fun”, to him having fun was more important than following rules. I would have loved to give him a piece of my mind, but that would have made the others a whole lot louder.

These kinds of people see rules as something that makes you sound more official, like a slogan or a logo, something you glance at and say “cool”. People say the future will be better, but if this is how some people act now, what will happen in the future?

Is it Worth Spending 11$ on a Game you will only Play for a Week

For some reason whenever someone says “I’m going to spend 11$ on a computer game” everyone thinks it’s a waste of money. But eating at a restaurant or going to a museum for 11$ isn’t a waste of money.

I think if you asked people why they “waste” their money on a museum, circus or aquarium, they would say it’s for the experience or a learning opportunity, even though they didn’t “get anything”. The same goes for computer games, (even though we don’t think of it this way) computer games can teach important strategies and life lessons.

It is my opinion that it is not a waste of money if you learn something from it, for example: A few weeks ago I bought a computer game called Stardew Valley for 10$, so far I’ve played 100 hours of the game, and I have learned of the existence of many minerals and plants I didn’t know existed in real life. Not to mention time management (the game is very time based) even though I have only played 100 hours, I have already learnt some things, so it was worth the 10 dollars.

The Bible is Always Anti-Culture

The Bible has always been “Anti-Culture”. In the Old Testament when it was preposterous for women to anything more than cook, the Bible had Deborah and Jael who, despite being women, did great things for God.

In the New Testament when everything was about law and order and revenge and hating romans, Jesus came along and taught us to forgive and forget, again something that was outside of the culture of the time.

In today’s world (21st century) the new “motto” is: “To be all that you that you can be”, and “the world we have made for ourselves”. Once again the Bible has something to say that is quite the opposite: I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. In the past people realised that there was something bigger than themselves, but nowadays people deny the fact that there is something bigger, they are too focused on themselves.

Who knows what the culture will be in the future, but I’m sure the Bible will have something to say about it.

Should you say “No” to your Children

Now I have a lot to say about this topic so if anyone gets offended easily (There are people who get offended by anything) please don’t read.

When I was about 11 I was very angry at my parents for saying no so often, I thought it was incredibly unfair, but as I turned 15 my eyes “opened” and saw some of the things that were happening around me, I was kinda disgusted by how some children treated their parents.

The problem isn’t with the children, it’s with the parents. Parents these days give in to children way too easily, I once saw a little girl tug on her mothers shirt screaming: “I want it, I want it NOW.” And the mom did the worst thing she could have done, she took a bag of candy from the shelf and gave it to the girl and begged her to stop screaming, yes, you read right, she begged, her daughter to stop screaming. Since when do parents BEG their children to do something, and you know what? According to what I have seen 60% percent of children are like that these days, and that’s because parents are too afraid of social pressure too say no to their children.

Some people would say they do it because they love their children, well a better way to love your child it to say no 70% percent of the time, that makes a yes more special and valuable, and then children are better prepared for all the times in grown-up life where someone says, no.

The Best Gift of All

I know the best gift of all is Jesus, but today I’m talking about earthly gifts.

When I was eleven or twelve we were watching a TV programme when my dad joked that when I was sixteen he would have to buy me a TV otherwise we would fight over the remote. I took it seriously and asked him if he was serious, he said yes. So in the middle of the TV programme I ran upstairs and marked it on my calendar, and every year I reminded my dad that when I was sixteen he would have to buy me a TV, and he kept his promise.

Maybe at that moment it was the best earthly gift I could ever have, but who knows? I might get something better one day.

Gaming: The Need to Complete

There are three main levels of gamers: The gamers who only play for the fun of it, who don’t care if they just lost everything in the game, my neighbour is like that.

Then there are the gamers who get a little ticked off when they die, who like completing the game, but don’t go crazy about it.

The third level is the hardcore gamers who spend EVERYTHING they have on their game, who “need” to complete the game, and if they die they throw a huge tantrum and throw their very expensive electronics around. There are videos everywhere on YouTube about these gamers throwing or breaking their things(once saw a video about a guy who took a samurai sword and hacked his computer to bits) thankfully I don’t know anyone like that.

The Walls of Jericho

According to the Bible and archaeological discoveries, the city of Jericho had a very thick wall. The Bible says that the wall was so thick that they could build a house on top of the wall.

When the Israelites came to Jericho they made camp some distance from the city walls. The Lord then told the Israelites that the next morning their warriors and seven priests should walk around the city once, and that all of them must be quiet except for the seven priests who had to blow on trumpets. The Israelites had to do that for six days, and on the seventh day they had to walk around the city seven times and on the seventh time they all had to shout. After that the walls fell inside out and the Israelites conquered the city

Change… Good or Bad?

Change is never just good or just bad, for example: If you suddenly won big at a casino and went home with a hundred million dollars you would be rich, in a way that’s good, but it can also be bad. If you won that money at the casino you might feel “lucky” and try again, and then lose all your money, or when you won the money there is a higher chance that someone will break in and steal from you, I mean, who would steal from a dirt poor person, it’s barely worth the risk.

But if you put a whole lot of money in an investment and it fell through, you would be a whole lot poorer, and there is some good in it, it might bring you closer to God, it might teach you humility and you might be more careful next time. According to me, there is no just Good or Bad change in this world.