Can Popular Games Teach Life Lessons?

Yes! I Believe so, some popular games can teach valuable life lessons, however not all of them do. For example: The Fallout franchise has drugs available that can give a tremendous boost, but they put a lot of focus on addiction, while the chems (drugs) give amazing boosts, the give very terrible negative effects if you get addicted, it’s barely worth it to take chems in the Fallout franchise.

Because of Minecraft I know what granite, diorite, sandstone and quartz is. Also, people seem to gain more Architectural skills the longer they play (Grian has been playing for years, and now he builds amazing things).

Stardew Valley has about 30 unique rocks and minerals from real life, and plants that I never knew existed (amaranth) my knowledge of fish has tripled due to some fish only being available in one season in one place and in one type of weather.

In my not so professional opinion games can teach life lessons, just do some research before you play a game or give it to your child, not all give “good” life lessons (GTA).

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