Jesus: God or Prophet? Does it matter?

Yes, It does matter. Otherwise it means that Jesus lied, and if Jesus lied that means he was sinful, and if Jesus was sinful that means the Bible is false because the Bible says that Jesus was without sin on more than one occasion. And if the Bible was false that means hundreds of great figures in history based their lives on a lie.

If Jesus was a prophet that means he was just another guy, like all the other prophets before him. It also means that thousands of churches around the world preach that the Messiah was here before he even arrived. Do you think God would allow such a “mistake” to happen?

If so, we are still waiting for the Messiah to appear, and what do you think the Messiah would say or do differently than Jesus, not much. So it’s entirely logical to assume that Jesus could have been the Messiah, also he fulfilled every prophesy that was written at least 400 years before he arrived.


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