Just let them have fun

While I’m on the topic of ranting and raving about the behaviour of some people these days I will write about the priorities of some kids. I am not going to mention any names or places in this blog.

One of the extracurricular classes I attend is very strict on rules, but there is one rule most of my classmates don’t seem to care about, be quiet. While we are waiting outside we are supposed to be quiet so that the people inside can concentrate on their work. But since this is 2019, where no one knows how to follow rules, and since I am the oldest and most experienced person who cares about the rules it’s my job to keep the others quiet.

I was trying my best for at least 6 months when one day I started getting a reputation, whenever I arrive people get quiet (they used to get very irritated whenever I stood in between their game until they were quiet). But one day while I was doing my shushing rounds, this guy comes up to me and says “just let them have fun”, to him having fun was more important than following rules. I would have loved to give him a piece of my mind, but that would have made the others a whole lot louder.

These kinds of people see rules as something that makes you sound more official, like a slogan or a logo, something you glance at and say “cool”. People say the future will be better, but if this is how some people act now, what will happen in the future?

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