Is it Worth Spending 11$ on a Game you will only Play for a Week

For some reason whenever someone says “I’m going to spend 11$ on a computer game” everyone thinks it’s a waste of money. But eating at a restaurant or going to a museum for 11$ isn’t a waste of money.

I think if you asked people why they “waste” their money on a museum, circus or aquarium, they would say it’s for the experience or a learning opportunity, even though they didn’t “get anything”. The same goes for computer games, (even though we don’t think of it this way) computer games can teach important strategies and life lessons.

It is my opinion that it is not a waste of money if you learn something from it, for example: A few weeks ago I bought a computer game called Stardew Valley for 10$, so far I’ve played 100 hours of the game, and I have learned of the existence of many minerals and plants I didn’t know existed in real life. Not to mention time management (the game is very time based) even though I have only played 100 hours, I have already learnt some things, so it was worth the 10 dollars.

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