Should you say “No” to your Children

Now I have a lot to say about this topic so if anyone gets offended easily (There are people who get offended by anything) please don’t read.

When I was about 11 I was very angry at my parents for saying no so often, I thought it was incredibly unfair, but as I turned 15 my eyes “opened” and saw some of the things that were happening around me, I was kinda disgusted by how some children treated their parents.

The problem isn’t with the children, it’s with the parents. Parents these days give in to children way too easily, I once saw a little girl tug on her mothers shirt screaming: “I want it, I want it NOW.” And the mom did the worst thing she could have done, she took a bag of candy from the shelf and gave it to the girl and begged her to stop screaming, yes, you read right, she begged, her daughter to stop screaming. Since when do parents BEG their children to do something, and you know what? According to what I have seen 60% percent of children are like that these days, and that’s because parents are too afraid of social pressure too say no to their children.

Some people would say they do it because they love their children, well a better way to love your child it to say no 70% percent of the time, that makes a yes more special and valuable, and then children are better prepared for all the times in grown-up life where someone says, no.

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