Impossible vs Godpossible

This Sunday in sunday-school (I’m a teachers assistant) our lesson was about the twelve spies.

When the Israelites got to Canaan they sent out twelve spies to explore the land, one person from each of the twelve houses of Israel. The spies went to Canaan, the Lord promised them that they would own Canaan, and after forty days the spies returned with a single cluster of grapes that was so big that two men had to hang it on a stick and carry it between them.

When the got back at the camp ten of the spies told the Israelites that it was impossible to take Canaan from the people who were living there because they were giants, the other two said that it was possible to fight the giants, because God was with them and that it was worth it.

The ten spies only saw the bad and didn’t think about the fact that God was with them, whilst the other two trusted that God would help them, they knew it was Godpossible.

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