Why you never have enough space on your cellphone

Money. It’s always because of money. (this is a conspiracy blog) The reason your cellphone runs out of space after two years is simple, because they want you to buy a new one. And this is how they do it…

First step has two parts: They make the system updates so huge that soon, there isn’t enough space for anything else (my moms system update uses up 2.32 Great Britain!!(GB) Her cellphone has like 6GB left) . Part 2, social pressure, “oh my goodness, your phone is like… SOOO old”.

Second step has two parts: Ads, (Get the all new Samsung Galaxy s10, at the super cheap price of $1,400, to be the best, you need the best!). Step 2, more social pressure, “I am like so lucky, I got the new Samsung Galaxy s10, like, SO worth it. What have you got?… oh… you should get a new phone girl! That Samsung is like, SO 2019 January 14!” See it’s a conspiracy!

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