My trip to moon

To become an astronaut civilians can apply at NASA, they need a Bachelor’s degree in science, engineering or mathematics, with a few exceptions. That means if I want to go to the moon someday, I need to get a lot better at maths or science. It takes about two years to complete astronaut training, so if I got a Bachelor’s degree when I’m 23 then I would finish my training when I’m 25. Only twelve people have been on the moon, I would have to wait until someone actually wants me on the moon, and then finally, it takes about 3 days to get to the moon from the earth. So I might be 26 by the time I’m on finally on the moon. Think about that all you people who want to go to the moon!

2 thoughts on “My trip to moon

  1. Very interesting line of thought!

    My only objection would be that the content does not exactly mention the TRIP, as the subject does. Still, a counterobvious spin on the topic.


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