If I had 1 Day of every Superpower Combined

What my friend would do (this story was meant as a joke): Take a machine gun and go to the nearest city, hijack a car and drive around shooting people like The Joker. Then rob a bank and bomb a mall. Then he tells me he will gather an army (don’t know how) and make a force field around Europe and lift it into space, with thrusters on the bottom of the continent (don’t know how either). Then we (now I’m included in the story) blow up the world and Europe safely floats away. His next “master plan” is to wipe out all life in the universe (one would think that’s enough destruction) but no, then we magically travel to a parallel universe (what?) and then he dies to the other him. The other one makes us all slaves, but then my friend didn’t really die and he kills the evil one and frees us all. And… then he builds a Death Star and… (too much!). All in one day?

3 thoughts on “If I had 1 Day of every Superpower Combined

  1. Funny story, but…the name says “if YOU…” – that is not what you wrote about. Also, the title only mentions invisibility, not every superpower known to Marvel and DC and Hollywood combined.

    So does your title actually have any relevance to the wild flight of imagination?


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