Gaming: Online vs Offline

Playing almost any game offline or online has its pro’s and cons. When you’re offline you are safer in the game, if it’s a PvP possible game like Minecraft, and you are safer from Hackers in real life. Also, if it’s a game where groups or clans are possible you don’t need to make decisions that are bad for you but good for the group as a whole, and you could make your own decisions. On the other hand it’s fun to play with other players in a group or clan, if you have a nice group there are players who are looking out for you and have your back. Also, you can gather information from other players’ experiences, if you like a PvP game it’s a lot more enjoyable fighting other players than it is fighting NPC’s. Online you can connect with players from around the world and learn about the interesting features from their background. Offline you can explore and play on your own.

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